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Cane Mutiny?
These are classy gold hooked canes. They are made by hand. Those on the left are known as "goose head canes" and on the right are called "hook top canes". Please click on the picture to enjoy an enlarged version.


Marie-France Beglan
Every dollhouse needs a few. These are hand-made umbrellas. They come in all colors and designs. The vases that hold the umbrellas are hand made and hand painted. Please click on the picture for an enlarged version.


Tony Jones Electrified Bookcase

Probably the most utilitarian piece you can buy for you dollhouse or room box. It is LED electrified bookcase. All you need is a 12 volt transformer. The piece is made of Aboyna and walnut wood, it takes up little space and can display your favorite ornaments or books. Please click on the image to enjoy a magnified view. SOLD BUT CAN BE ORDERED


Tony Jones Lingerie Chest 

This is a lovely piece found universally throughout Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries.  A lingerie chest was probably the most prevalent piece of furniture found in the dressing room of the ladies of this era. This one is made of the rare amboyna wood. Please click on the image to enjoy an enlarged version.


A Masterful Whitford Oil

This oil painting captures the essence of a "Summer Dress." Is is the type of seasonal dress or is it the actual dress that is the focus of the picture? 3 inches by 2.5 inches. Please click on the picture to enjoy a magnified version.


Whitford Portrays Nobility
This Family Portrait, called "A Noble Family," exemplifies the 16th and 17th century nobility. Whitford captures the tone of the period perfectly.


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