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Flowers With Akita Vase


June Clinkscales Provincial Settee 
These pictures of this Provincial Settee with a banquette does not do justice to its actual beauty. The bottoms of the settee and banquette are brass button and the material adds warmth and elegance to the piece. It's Hand carved from mahogany wood. which has been antiqued and wax sealed. The tufted leather panels are made from vintage leather that has been hand dyed and polished.. The banquette and seat are upholstered in a buttery suede with brass nail head accents. Please click on the photo to enjoy an enlarged version of pieces. NEW



Flowers With Black Vases 




David Iriarte Empire Console Table
From the French Empire period, 1804 to 1814, this table applies the principles of the Louis XVI style. that is, it has the gilded antiqueness and cordial yet decorative look. However, it is more austere and warlike with gold Greek palm leaves and wreaths, straight lines and sharp edges reflecting Imperial France. t is 3.75 in. by 2in. by 2.68 in height. Please click on picture to enjoy a magnified view.


Arlene Finkelstein "Hookahs"

With "pot" trending towards legalization, what could be a better introduction to your miniature scenes! These are water pipes or "hookahs" as they were nicknamed. They are about 2.5 inches in height and are made by hand. Please click on the picture to enjoy an even closer view of the picture.


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